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The website is the principal site in the network of websites of the JAINpedia project. There are three related yet standalone websites that also form part of the online resource. Although they can all be accessed from, they cater to different audiences and have different aims from the JAINpedia website proper.

The community site is a dynamic online space for Jains in the UK and elsewhere. The education site is especially for young children and teachers who lead classes on Jainism in England and Wales.

Live in April 2009, the JAINpedia blog provides updates of project news and related events. You can find out the most up-to-date information about what's new in the JAINpedia project on the blog.

Learn Jainism website

LJ homepage
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Learning about a variety of faiths is part of the National Curriculum for England and Wales. This dedicated JAINpedia education resource holds downloadable teaching materials to help primary-school teachers create interesting lessons that explore the Jain religion and cultural traditions.

As well as incorporating the content of the old Learn Jainism site, such as the games and quizzes, the new Learn Jainism website also features specially commissioned material and short videos explaining how to use the materials.








JAINpedia blog

The blog offers details of upcoming events in the Jain community that are related to the JAINpedia project. Examples include festival celebrations at partner institutions, cultural events at museums and volunteer workshops.

It provides information on exhibitions staged at JAINpedia partner institutions and quick updates on the progress of the You can also read the archive of previous blogs.

You can sign up to two separate things via the blog.

First, if you are interested in taking part in JAINpedia events as a volunteer you can complete a volunteer form at the blog.

Secondly, if you would like to receive emails about JAINpedia news and events you need to sign up at the blog. Simply fill in the fields in the right-hand column and click Subscribe. Then you will receive the next Jain Spirit e-newsletter.

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