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  • Nemi and Kr̥ṣṇa
  • Giving alms to a monk
  • Senior monk teaching
  • Mount Girnar
  • View of Mount Abu
  • Bhaktāmara-stotra opening
  • Image of a siddha
  • Yaśogha becomes a monk
  • Image of a siddha
  • Digambara sculpture of Candraprabha
  • Jina statue
  • 'Five Great Vows'
  • Lay people worship a Jina
  • Elephant
  • Mount Girnar in the mist
  • East India House
  • Śītalanātha Temple
  • Temple to Ādinātha at Ranakpur
  • Sacred symbols in rice
  • Marble Jina idol
  • Śvetāmbara Sthānaka-vāsin or Terā-panthin nuns
  • Mount Meru, Jambū-dvīpa and Lavaṇa-samudra
  • Siddhacakra
  • Plants and two-sensed beings


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