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  • Interpreting dreams
  • Āgama-ratna-mañjūṣā
  • Hall of Ādinātha temple
  • Giving alms to a monk
  • Mahāvīra preaching to his universal gathering
  • Jain holy texts
  • Fourfold community
  • Śvetāmbara figures of Ṛṣabha, Māhavīra and Pārśva
  • Buffalo
  • Bhadrabāhu’s sacred footprints
  • Auspicious symbols in a Digambara temple
  • Red lotus
  • Ṛṣabha is offered sugar-cane juice
  • Bāhubali statue at Shravana Belgola
  • Six colours of the soul
  • Quwwat al-Islam mosque
  • Akbar enters Surat
  • Rangoli
  • Rani Gumpha temple
  • Nākoḍā pilgrimage site
  • Anointing Padmāvatī
  • Śītalanātha Temple
  • Monastic teacher and pupils
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