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  • Colossus of Bāhubali
  • Jina statue
  • Women in a house
  • Unidentified Jina
  • Blue lotus
  • Lay people worship a Jina
  • Ten Jinas
  • Giving alms to a monk
  • An omniscient Jina preaches
  • Shrimad Rajchandra temple
  • Dreams of an expectant mother
  • Lay women
  • Woman prepares to make auspicious symbols
  • Muni Puṇya-vijaya
  • 14 magical jewels
  • Bust of Colebrooke
  • Women fetching water
  • Pārśva frees the snake
  • Worship of Ṛṣabha
  • Mahāvīra is tested
  • Three Śvetāmbara Sthānaka-vāsin monks
  • Nemi's renunciation
  • Marudevī and the baby Ṛṣabha
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