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  • Sculpture of the Digambara alms-seeking gesture
  • Idol of Mahāvīra
  • Śreyāṃsa's four auspicious events
  • Peaks of Mount Sammeta
  • Dreams of an expectant mother
  • Peaks of Mount Sammeta
  • The word 'Sanskrit'
  • Peaks of Mount Sammeta
  • L. D. Institute of Indology
  • Śvetāmbara nuns meditate
  • Siddhacakra
  • Image of a siddha
  • Mount Sammeta
  • Buchanan's sketch of Bāhubali
  • Rājīmatī awaits her fiancé
  • Giving alms to a monk
  • Mount Girnar
  • Marudevī has the auspicious dreams
  • Mount Sammeta
  • Image of a siddha
  • Library at the Royal Asiatic Society
  • Peaks of Mount Sammeta
  • Jina statue
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