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  • Fourfold community
  • Muni Puṇya-vijaya's monastic tools
  • Worship of Ṛṣabha
  • Captain James Tod mounted on an elephant
  • Marudevī has the auspicious dreams
  • Śrīpāla's adventures
  • Nemi's renunciation
  • Fourfold community
  • Mahāvīra's embryo is removed
  • A Jina meditating
  • Nun covers her mouth
  • An omniscient Jina preaches
  • Woman praying
  • Siddha-śilā
  • Universal gathering and fourfold community
  • Fourfold community
  • Mahāvīra is tested
  • Colin Mackenzie and his assistants
  • Painting of Śītala
  • Small idol of Bāhubali
  • Sketch of a Jina
  • Preaching monks
  • Digambara sculpture of Candraprabha
  • Padābhiṣeka ceremony


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