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  • Lord Śānti
  • A hero stone depicting liberation
  • Śītalanātha Temple
  • Pilgrims at Mount Sammeta
  • Quwwat al-Islam mosque
  • Hall of Ādinātha temple
  • Rani Gumpha temple
  • Akbar enters Surat
  • Peaks of Mount Sammeta
  • Mount Girnar in the mist
  • Terrace of the Odegal Basti
  • Badami cave temples
  • Dome of the Vimala Vasahi
  • View across Shravana Belgola
  • Shrine to Lord Abhinandana
  • Paṭa of Mount Shatrunjaya
  • Twenty Jinas
  • Mount Shatrunjaya temples
  • Bahubali anointed
  • Walls of a temple compound
  • Preaching monks
  • Inscription in Kannada
  • Bhagavati cave temple
  • View of Shatrunjaya temples


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