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  • Nemi's renunciation
  • Māhavīra decorated
  • Anointing Padmāvatī
  • Śvetāmbara Sthānaka-vāsin or Terā-panthin nuns
  • Siddhacakra
  • Mahāvīra and his mother Triśalā
  • Main enclosure at Shatrunjaya
  • Śakra baths baby Mahāvīra
  • Dīvālī rangoli at Palitana
  • Senior monk teaching
  • Ahimsa Day 2009
  • Ṛṣabha receives alms
  • Śvetāmbara Sthānaka-vāsin or Terā-panthin nuns
  • Detail of a Śvetāmbara broom
  • Digambara monks walking
  • Figure of Nākoḍā Bhairava
  • Brahmā
  • Picture of Nākoḍā Bhairava
  • Detail of the Ranakpur dome
  • Śvetāmbara image of Padmāvatī
  • Standing figure of Ambikā
  • Rās-garbā dance
  • Monk and pupils
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