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  • Nākoḍā Bhairava
  • Brahmadeva and Bāhubali
  • Monks and novices
  • Rājīmatī and Rathanemi in the cave
  • Mount Shatrunjaya temples
  • Digambara monk sitting cross-legged
  • Women singing hymns
  • Padmāvatī
  • Offerings to Lakṣmī
  • Pārśva attended by yakṣa and yakṣī
  • Completing a fast
  • Śrīpāla's adventures
  • The 'true monk'
  • Offerings during Mahāvīr Jayanti
  • Monk and pupils
  • Detailed colophon
  • Image of Ambikā
  • Śvetāmbara monastic bowls
  • Woman praying
  • Brahma-pillar at Guruvayanekere
  • Jvālāmālinī
  • Bhaktāmara-stotra opening
  • Monk and pupils
  • Śvetāmbara nuns in their lodgings


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