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  • Senior monk teaching
  • Giving alms to a monk
  • Mount Girnar
  • View of Mount Abu
  • Image of a siddha
  • Image of a siddha
  • Jina statue
  • Image of a Jina
  • Ācārya Bhikṣu
  • Jain holy texts
  • Interpreting dreams
  • Śvetāmbara Sthānaka-vāsin or Terā-panthin nuns
  • Śvetāmbara monks
  • Lay men listen to monks
  • Gallery of an Agam Mandir
  • Six colours of the soul
  • Fourfold community
  • Image of a siddha
  • Mahāvīra’s chief disciples
  • Mahāvīra in the Puṣpottara heaven
  • Auspicious symbols in a Digambara temple
  • Two Śvetāmbara nuns
  • Siddhacakra
  • Sacred symbols in rice


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