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Alternative TermsParyuṣaṇa, Paryuṣaṇaparvan, Paryuṣaṇaparva, Paryuṣaṇa-parvan, Paryuṣaṇa-parva, Paryusan, Paryushan, Paryushana, Paryushanaparvan, Paryushanaparva, Paryushana-parvan, Paryushana-parva
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An eight-day festival in August / September, which is the most important event of the religious calendar for Śvetāmbara lay Jains. They fast, read, spend time with monks and meditate. The last day is the occasion for public repentance. Reading the Kalpa-sūtra and sponsoring new manuscripts or editions of this canonical book are associated with this festival.

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