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Alternative TermsMahāvīr, Mahaveer, Mahaveera, Niggantha, Nataputta, Vardhāmana, Sanmati, Mahavira, Mahavir, Mahavirsvami, Mahavirswami, Bhagwan Mahavir, Mahavir Bhagwan, Ghantakarn Mahavir, Śramana Bhagavan Mahāvīra
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The 24th Jina of the present age. His symbolic colour is yellow and his emblem the lion. Mahāvīra or 'the great hero' is his title. His birth name was Vardhamāna, meaning 'ever increasing'. His existence is historically documented but the two main sects of Digambara and Śvetāmbara Jains have slight differences in their accounts of his life.

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