Pandit Dalsukh D. Malvania
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TermPandit Dalsukh D. Malvania
Alternative TermsPandit Malvania, Pandit Dalsukh Malvania
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(1910–2000) A leading Jain Gujarati scholar of the 20th century from a Sthānaka-vāsin Jain family. He studied at Shantiniketan in Bengal and at Banaras Hindu University, where he assisted Pandit Sukhlalji. Director of the L. D. Institute of Indology from its 1959 foundation until 1976, he was associated with Muni Puṇya-vijaya. He wrote in Gujarati, English and Hindi. His main intellectual contributions were in the fields of Śvetāmbara canonical scriptures, Jain, Buddhist and Hindu philosophy and the history of the Sthānaka-vāsin sect.

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