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Alternative TermsDaśalakṣaṇaparvan, Daśa-lakṣaṇa-parva, Daśalakṣaṇaparva, Daśa Lakṣaṇa Parvan, Daśa Lakṣaṇa, Dashalakshanaparv, Dashalakshanaparva, Dashalakshanaparvan, Dashalakshanparv, Dasha lakshana parvan, Festival of Ten Virtues
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The most significant Digambara festival, this ten-day celebration takes place in August / September. Digambaras read, fast and meditate, with the Tattvārtha-sūtra playing an important role. The final day is called the 'Endless Fourteenth' - Ananta-caturdaśī - and is associated with the 14th Jina, Ananta. On this holiest day of the year, most Digambaras fast and take part in the ritual group confession, known as kṣamāpanā - 'Asking for pardon'.

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