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Alternative TermsŚalākāpuruṣa, Śalākā puruṣa, Salakapurusa, Salaka-purusa, Salaka purusa, Shalakapurusha, Shalaka-purusha, Shalaka purusha, mahā-puruṣa, mahāpuruṣa, mahapurusha, mahapurusa, maha-purusha, maha-purusa, 63 Great Men, 63 Illustrious Men, great men, great man
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'Great man' – also known as a mahā-puruṣa – whose story is told in Jain Universal History. Born in each progressive and regressive half-cycle of time, there are five types of 'great men':

  • 24 Jinas
  • 12 Cakravartins
  • 9 Baladevas
  • 9 Vāsudevas
  • 9 Prati-vāsudevas.
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