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Alternative TermsMūlasūtra, Mūlasūtras, Mūla-sūtras, Mūla-sutta, Mūlasutta, Mulasutra, Moolasutra, Moolasootra, Moolasutr, Mulasutta, Moolasutta, Mulasutt, Moolasutt
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A group of four fundamental texts in Prākrit, part of the Śvetāmbara Āgama in its traditional form:

  • Daśavaikālika-sūtra
  • Uttarādhyayana-sūtra
  • Āvaśyaka-sūtra
  • Piṇḍaniryukti and Oghaniryukti
  • Pākṣi

The last two are not recognised as Mūla-sūtras by the Śvetāmbara sects of Sthānaka-vāsī and Terāpanthī.

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