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Alternative TermsNokaṣāya, No-kashaya, Nokashaya, No-kaṣāyas, Nokaṣāyas, No-kashayas, Nokashayas
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A subgroup of passions or emotions – kaṣāyas – that must be eliminated to reach liberation from the cycle of rebirths. Traditionally, there are nine:

  • hāsya – laughter
  • rati – sensual pleasure
  • arati – sensual displeasure
  • śoka – sorrow
  • bhaya – fear
  • jugupsā – disgust
  • veda – sexual craving
  • puṃ-veda – sexual desire for a woman
  • strī-veda – sexual desire fora man
  • napuṃsaka-veda – sexual desire for both men and women.
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