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Drei Jaina-Gedichte in Alt-Gujarātī: Edition, Übersetzung, Grammatik und Glossar
George Baumann
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Beiträge zur Südasienforschung Südasien-Institut Universität Heidelberg series; volume 20
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F. Steiner; 1975; Wiesbaden, Hesse, Germany

Parallel texts in romanised Gujarati and German, with a summary in English.

Includes the poems:

  • Nēmināthacatuṣpadikā
  • Dūhāmātṛkā
  • Sālibhadda-kakka-kulaṁ.

Originally presented as the author's PhD dissertation to the University of Heidelberg in 1973.

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Principles Story of Śālibhadra


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