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Muni Jinavijaya
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Singhi Jain series; volume 42
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Bharatiya Vidya Pitha; 1956; Bombay, Maharashtra, India

In Hindi with original text in Sanskrit and Prakrit.

An edited collection of works of Jinapāla and others relating to the mendicant lineage of the Kharatara-gaccha.

Includes the edited text of the Vṛddhācāryaprabandhāvali, with information on Jinasiṃha-sūri and Jinaprabha-sūri of the Laghu-śākhā on pages 93 to 96. These portions are translated into English on pages 22 to 27 of Granoff 1992. - All text is © JAINpedia / Institute of Jainology 2021 under the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 licence The Jain universe online at

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