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Pravacanasāra (Pavayaṇasāra)
A. N. Upadhye
A. N. Upadhye
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Shrimad Rajachandra Ashram; 2000; Agas, Gujarat, India

An English translation of the text is accompanied by:

  • the critically edited original Prakrit text
  • Sanskrit commentaries of Amṛtacandra and Jayasena
  • a Hindī commentary by Pāṇḍe Hemarāja.

It also includes a topical index and the text with various readings, plus an exhaustive essay on the life, date and works of Kundakunda and on the linguistic and philosophical aspects of Pravacanasāra by A. N. Upadhye.

Third edition of a book originally published in Bombay in 1935.

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