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Muni Jinavijaya
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Vividha tīrtha kalpa, Singhi Jain series; volume 10
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Adhisṭhātā; 1934; Shantiniketan, West Bengal, India

In Sanskrit. Translated into:

  • Hindi – by Agarchand Bh. Nahata, published by Śrī Jaina Śvetāmbara Nākoḍā Pārśvanātha Tīrtha in 1978
  • Gujarati – translated by Muni Ratnatraya Vijaya and Muni Ratnajyoti Vijaya as Śrī Jinaprabhasūri viracita sacitra Vividhatīrthakalpa, published in Jalor, Rajasthan, in 1999
  • English – by John E. Cort in Phyllis Granoff (ed.), The Clever Adulteress, Oakville, Ontario, Canada in 1990, pages 246 to 251
  • French – translated and annotated by Christine Chojnacki in Vividhatīrthakalpaḥ. Regards sur le lieu saint jaina, vol. I, Pondicherry, India, in 1995 (Publications du Département d’indologie 85).

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