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The Unknown Pilgrims: The voice of the sādhvīs – the history, spirituality, and life of the Jaina women ascetics
N. Shāntā
Mary Rogers
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Sri Garib Dass Oriental series; volume 219
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Sri Satguru Publications; 1997; New Delhi, India

With a presentation by Raimonn Panikkar.

First published in 1985 in French as La voie Jaina: histoire, spiritualité, vie des ascètes pèlerines de l'Inde in the Les deux rives series by O.E.I.L. in Paris, France.

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Theme Article
People Rājīmatī
Soḷ satī
Principles Digambara
Non-sectarian movements
Śvetāmbara Mūrti-pūjaka
Practices Becoming a monk or nun
Mendicant orders
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