Article: The 'Three Worlds'

Contributed by Nalini Balbir

  • Plants and two-sensed beings
  • Eight groups of Vyantara gods
  • Cosmic man
  • Tortures in the hells
  • Vyantara gods and their emblems
  • Two and A Half Continents
  • Temple and terraces of Mount Meru
  • Uttara-kuru and Deva-kuru encircle Mount Meru
  • Niṣadha and Nīlavanta mountain ranges
  • Pots in Lavaṇa-samudra
  • Three terraces on Mount Meru
  • Mountain Beyond Mankind
  • Continent of Kuṇḍala
  • Jyotiṣka gods
  • Heavenly pleasures
  • Heavenly symbols
  • Siddha-śilā
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