Article: Kalpa-sūtra

Contributed by Nalini Balbir

  • Teacher instructs a monk
  • Typical manuscript painting
  • Hermann Jacobi
  • Twenty Jinas
  • Jambū-svāmin and his eight wives
  • Rules on rainy-season alms
  • Devānandā's 14 dreams
  • Śakra and Hariṇaigameṣin
  • Interpreting dreams
  • Mahāvīra and his mother Triśalā
  • Mahāvīra's palanquin
  • Mahāvīra is tested
  • Pārśva, the 23rd Jina
  • Nemi's renunciation
  • Worship of Ṛṣabha
  • Mahāvīra in the Puṣpottara heaven
  • Elephant
  • Kālaka with Śakra in disguise
  • Kālaka and the Śāka king
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