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Aṇuvrat Sādhanā

Finally, followers of the Aṇuvrat Movement can also take another set of vows to help them keep their resolutions. The Aṇuvrat Sādhanā is made up of five vows, which are a form of practice that help an Aṇuvrati in keeping his vows. This practice was developed after Preksha Meditation and the Science of Living were introduced into the Aṇuvrat Movement.

This is a voluntary code.

Details of Aṇuvrat Sādhanā




I will practise Preksha Meditation


I will have a conciliatory attitude for the sake of a peaceful domestic life


I will be restrained in my individual possessions and consumption


I will control my eating


I will practise diligence, self-reliance and simplicity

Aṇuvrat song

Two samaṇis pray before the 2008 Ahimsa Day event in London. Samaṇis and the male samaṇas are special nuns and monks in the Śvetāmbara Terāpanthin sect. Able to travel overseas, they are the only mendicants whom Jains of all sects outside India can meet

Samaṇis praying
Image by Ravin Mehta © Ravin Mehta

Ācārya Tulsi composed an Aṇuvrat song, which had mass appeal and was intended as a secular song for character development.

Initially, any secular Terāpanth program started with the recitation of the Aṇuvrat song. During the monsoon retreat of monks and nuns the morning prayernamaskāra-mantra – always started with the Aṇuvrat song in Ācārya Tulsi's time. Such a practice continues in most places even today.

Let with temperance imbued our life be

Let with temperance imbued our life be[,]
Dipped in the holy stream of morality[,]
Let every mind reach pristine purity.
Aṇuvrat stands for disciplining the self by self,
Its Dharma’s language free from caste[,] colour or creed,
May there be a change of heart through vows small.
May our friendly feeling for all increase day by day,
May equality, coexistence and conciliation ever succeed,
Let our means be pure for the end that’s pure.
Be it a student or a teacher, a worker or a businessman,
A man or a woman – let everyone tread the virtue’s path,
Let there be parity in what we say and what [=how] we act.
God we can adore only by attaining ourselves a godly state,
Through integrity alone can we cross the sea of vicissitudes,
With valour, vigour and ahiṃsā blended our life’s philosophy be.
If a man’s character improves, society and nation by themselves will improve,
The mighty voice of Aṇuvrat throughout the world will resound,
Let our body and soul stand dedicated to human code of conduct.
Let with temperance imbued our life be.

Ācārya Tulsi
English rendering by Dr Narendra Sharma (also known as ‘Kusum’)

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